The Picket Line

The best way to support the New Yorker Union while we’re on strike is to join us on the picket line. We will host physical pickets throughout Manhattan and digital events as well.

We are not yet on strike.

Until we are, we encourage readers, subscribers, and supporters to use this form to send messages to New Yorker and Condé Nast executives demanding that they agree to a fair contract.

If we do strike, we’ll ask that supporters honor our picket lines as outlined below:

For readers and subscribers

The New Yorker Union will call for a digital boycott.

  • Do not click on or share any links during the strike.
  • Do not use the New Yorker app.
  • Do not cancel your subscription, unless we call for it!

For New Yorker writers, contributors (e.g., illustrators, photographers, cartoonists), and freelance editorial workers

  • Do not perform struck work for The New Yorker (i.e., work that is usually done by members of our union, such as copy editing and fact checking).
  • Do not pitch or produce new work for The New Yorker.
  • Do not submit edits to forthcoming stories.
  • Do not share links.
  • Do ask that your work not be published during the strike. If management publishes your work despite your wishes, let us know.
  • Do encourage your audience to support our members.
  • The Freelance Solidarity Project will provide guidance on how freelance media workers can stand in solidarity with the union. If you have additional questions, you can contact F.S.P. directly.

For non-unionized Condé Nast employees

  • Do not perform struck work (i.e., work that is usually done by members of our union). The more unified we are as a workforce, the more powerful our strike will be, and the quicker we can reach a resolution that will raise labor standards not only at The New Yorker but also throughout Condé Nast and the media industry.
  • Do sign our in-house solidarity pledge so that Condé Nast management cannot force you to perform struck work. This is protected concerted activity, meaning it is illegal for the company to retaliate against you.

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