Our Mission

For more than ninety years, The New Yorker has been a vital journalistic force in America. From John Hersey on Hiroshima to Rachel Carson on environmental degradation to Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein, our stories have changed society by approaching injustice with courage and keen moral clarity. We, the employees of The New Yorker, want to ensure that we can continue that invaluable work for years to come, and that our workplace reflects the humanity found in the pages of our publication.    

To that end, we are forming a union with the NewsGuild of New York, the organization that represents our peers at the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Associated Press, The Nation, The New Republic, and many other publications. In a time of instability in our industry, employees of The New Yorker believe that securing our working rights—so that we can continue to do the work in which we so strongly believe—is the best way of insuring the longevity of our publicationmagazine for its staff, so that we can continue to do the work that we so strongly believe in. 

We—the employees of the magazine’s print, digital, audio, video, and business operations—are the spine of The New Yorker, and we are deeply proud to work at such a remarkable institution. But, in a time of instability in our industry, we believe that a union will give us a stronger voice in the future of our publication. We seek a transparent workplace, fair compensation, a commitment to diversity, and a culture that nurtures employeesour colleagues throughout every part of the editorial process. With a union, we can begin that work in a direct and equitable fashion. A union will allow us to play a role in forming such a workplace. 

We are asking Condé Nast, The New Yorker’s parent company, and our readers to support our work and our effort to create a just and equitable workplace. Please support us.